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“Desmon Scientific” line includes a group of mobile isothermal containersfrom 5 to 410l with active or passive cooling for transportation ofmedicines, vaccines, blood, plasma, organs, etc.


  • Alcatherm range: active thermochemical cooling (patented),volumes 7, 18, 45, 75, 135 and 410l, precise ±1°C regulation ofinside temperature, full traceability of temperature
  • Freetherm range: active fan assisted cooling by virtue of dry ice oreutectic plates, volumes 25, 40 and 60l, precise ±1°C regulation ofinside temperature, no traceability of temperature
  • Freetech range: passive cooling with dry ice or eutectic plates,volumes 11, 40 and 100l, no traceability and no control of temperatureset value.
  • Alcabox range: isothermal soft bags to fit in Alcatherm range or to beused separately, volumes 4, 10, 20, 35 and 60l


  • Thermochemical cooling (patented). Autonomous refrigerationand/or heating without use of electricity during the process, energystorage (cold or heat), without time limitation; powerful refrigerationand/or heating during its return, when opening the valve; simpleoperation, low noise and vibration; robustness through its sealedstainless steel construction; no moving parts, therefore very low carelevel and very little maintenance; respect for the environment (noCFCs or substitutes)
  • Certifications. Alcatherm containers are certified for the transportof infectious products of class 6.2 (ADR) and obtained an approvalcertificate F/LNE F021259-1
  • Alarms. Audible high and low temperature alarms and alarm whenthe container is not vertical (Alcatherm)
  • Digital controller. Models from Alcatherm and Freetherm range areequipped with digital controller and thermometer.
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