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  • New controller. It is perfectly suitable for medical and laboratory use
    and has many innovative features, for example an calculation of power
    consumption in currency, running text messages, water and dust resistant
    touch-pad, USB port, memory for a fridge’ components and parts, etc. The
    controller is perfectly adoptable to be used together with a “Smartfreeze”
    unit (SFU) which provides a constant monitoring and control over
    refrigeration fleet by virtue of GSM/GPRS networks and SMS alerts.
  • “Monoblock” cooling unit. Upright cabinets from “LAB Maxi” (not for
    “LAB Sani” and “LAB Mini”) have a “monoblock” unit. The refrigeration
    components are integrated in the ceiling area and there is much of
    additional storage space inside a cabinet.
  • Auto-evaporation of condensed water. Thanks to location of condensed’
    water basin close to “hot” parts of cooling unit the water is evaporated
    automatically and there is no need in additional heating elements.
  • LED lighting. Glass doors of upright cabinets are equipped with LED
    lighting which is the best solution available in terms of power savings,
    life-time of parts and total appearance.
  • Hot gas defrost. The cycle of defrosting is very short. As a result the
    temperature remains almost constant. No need of extra heating elements
    which means less energy consumption !
  • “Smart” defrost. It is a feature of new VOPOS controller which allows a
    defrosting only when necessary – great energy savings!
  • Rounded internal corners. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Forced-air cooling. Powerful cooling unit and enforced ventilation
    ensure maximum temperature stability even with frequent door openings
    (for “LAB Maxi” models)
  • Stainless steel interior. All upright cabinets and undercounters except
    “LAB Sani” have an interior of stainless steel which is very durable and
    easy to clean material.
  • Removable door gaskets. The cleaner are gaskets the longer they last!
  • Adjustable feet. It is possible to change a height of cabinets and
    undercounters by regulating a height of feet
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